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metaPhorest is a practical platform for artistic researches on biological/biomedia art and bioaesthetics, located within a biological laboratory at Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Waseda University. We provide relatively long-term (more than several months) artist-in-residence program for those who are interested in biology-inspired/aided/criticizing artistic activity, sharing biological facility, discussion, seminars with life scientists.

Biological science is an academic discipline researching on “what life is”, which has also been profoundly studied in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, literature, ethics, and art, etc. We aim multidisciplinary pursues of relationship between art and science, and philosophical, aesthetic, socio-cultural implication of life and biology via artistic studies and practice. We are also interested in the aesthetic context in which biological science/ technology have affected contemporary art/design, and collaborating with many domestic/ foreign biomedia artists and researchers. Please note that we do not aim scientific advertisement activities.

We accept residence artists. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more info.

Hideo Iwasaki, Director