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Shohei Yonemoto

“Hans Driesch as a singular point of modern natural philosophy”

Date: 27 July 2012 16:00 to 17:30 (Fri)
Location: Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Waseda University (TWIns)
Shared conference room, Bldg 2F AB 50
Free admission (but would appreciate it if you would let us know in advance …) Pre-registration required

This time, the teacher researchers Shohei Yonemoto, Science & Technology Social Theory famous science historian, will talk about natural philosophy of Hans Driesch that is the life work.

Embryologist Driesch is known in the study of embryonic development of sea urchin, also known teleological study of the history of science sparked a large controversy. In composition of the confrontation of teleology vs mechanistic caricature goes depart, teleological study of Driesch and will continue to be forgetting, intense criticism.
Dr. Yonemoto, during the view of life of Driesch, take a look at the sprouting of information theory life in the sense of now, I went and review of its evaluation, the research history of science about what has been criticized severely why. Their findings, and Annotated Hoyaku of “History and Theory of vitalism” of Driesch,
Itinerant “life” time and Taicho, of its unique academic are organized such as “the era of self-taught.”

What a time it should not be thought of rumination once again became a pioneering figure in perspective Driesch called “life system”, now greeted the emergence of systems biology and synthetic biology. This time, I think as a commentator, also invited (Professor of Kogakuin University) Mari Hayashi of science historian familiar with the history of the theory of life, and want to deepen the discussion. Not only lovers of history and theory of life biology, it is recommended to all who study biology.

* This lecture, has received the support of the “Survey of Bio-media art of the post-genome era” (C) Research KAKENHI.

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