Hideo Iwasaki

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b1971. Hideo is working in the fields of both biological science and contemporary visual art. He obtained Ph.D. in biological sciences from Nagoya University, and is currently Associate Professor and the Head of Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art at Waseda University in Tokyo (since 2005), and a PRESTO Researcher of Japan Science & Technology Agency (2007-2011).

As an artist, he has produced contemporary papercut art in which abstract patterns are combined to be exhibited as three-dimensional installation. Since 2007, he is also working in biomedia art, especially using cyanobacteria and cultured cells. At his lab both fine/media artists and scientists are sharing the benches for biology and art simultaneously (metaPhorest). His works have been invited to Havana Biennial, SICF, Holland Paper Biennial, Artist-in-Residence in Linz, etc. He is a member of “Synethetic Aesthetics” supported by NSF-ESPRC (2010-) with Mr. Oron Catts (SynbioticA, University of Western Australia).

As a biologist, he has studied on spatio-temporal pattern formation dynamics in cyanobacteria, including molecular genetics of circadian rhythms, reconstitution of in vitro enzymatic circadian oscillations (1-3), quantitative analysis of spatial patterning with cell differentiation (4), and population dynamics of colony pattern formations (5). He is also one of founders of Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research (the Socio-Cultural Unit). He has been the recipient of the Japanese Society for Chronobiology Prize, the Inoue Prize for Young Scientists, and the Ministry of Education Science Minister Commendation Young Scientist Prize for biological studies, and the Toyota Triennial Outstanding Prize and the Howard Lichter Prize (SICF) for artistic activities. 



Selected papers


  • 岩崎秀雄(2011)「バイオメディア・アート:生命と芸術の臨界面を巡って」『実験医学』,29 (7)増刊,1188-1196
  • 岩崎秀雄(2011)「複眼的バイオロジー・アートのススメ:科学者×アーティストのお仕事」『新鐘』77: 79-80


  • 岩崎秀雄(2010)「バイオメディア・アート 合成生物学の美学的可能性について」『科学』(岩波書店)7月号 pp.747-754


  • 久保田晃弘・岩崎秀雄(2009)『バイオメディア・アート』多摩美術大学論集24


  • Hideo Iwasaki (2009) “Biomaterial Art Project Combining Bioscience Research and Contemporary Art.”




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