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  • AKI INOMATA 2016.06.25

    AKI INOMATA 1983 年東京都生まれ。2008 年東京藝術大学大学院先端芸術表現専攻修了。2012 年第15 回岡本太郎現代芸術賞にて入選。2014 年YouFab Global Creative Awards にてグランプリを受賞。 移民・難民・国籍の交換可能性をテーマとし、3D プリンターで出力したプラスチック製の「やど」をヤドカリに渡す「Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs?」シリーズを始め、飼犬の毛と作家自身の髪でケープを作ってお互いが着用する「I Wear the Dog’s Hair, andthe Dog Wears My Hair」など、動物と共に制作した作品を多く発表。 近年の主な展覧会に2016 年「ECO EXPANDED CITY 」(WRO ArtCenter、ヴロツワフ、ポーランド)、2015 年「エマージェンシーズ!025 『Inter-Nature Communication』AKI INOMATA」(NTT インターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC]/東京)、2015 年「第4回 デジタル・ショック -リアルのファクトリー」(アンスティチュ・フランセ東京)などがある。   Aki Inomata was born in 1983 in Tokyo. She completed graduate studies in intermedia art at Tokyo University of the Arts. She creates her artworks through collaboration with living creatures. “Why Not Hand Over a ‘Shelter’ to Hermit Crabs?” is one of her representative series of art, letting hermit crabs wear artificial shells with miniature cities made with a 3D printer. Her artworks [...]

  • Chiaki Ishizuka 2015.03.10


  • Yuki Yoshioka 2014.03.03

    He is an interdisciplinary artist working in Japan. In 2011 he founded the LAMBDA project, a framework for artistic explorations on the relationship betweenbiotech and information’s transmission process. He graduated from the Department of information design at Tama Art University.  Artworks 《Revital HgS》2013   《Time-Poiesis》2013

  • Hanna Saito 2013.04.24

    多摩美術大学工芸科ガラスコース卒業。 テクノロジーとアート、科学的な生命観と宗教的な死生観など、現代社会において分裂した関係性が主なテーマである。 科学、哲学、歴史など領域横断的な視点で作品を制作することによって分裂をなめらかにする双方向的なヴィジョンの提案をすることを目的として表現活動を行う。 媒体としては酸素バーナーワーク(ホウケイ酸ガラス)、キネティックアート、バイオメディアアートなど。

  • Georg Tremmel (BCL) 2011.10.07


  • Shiho Fukuhara (BCL) 2011.10.07


  • Tomoya Ishibashi 2011.09.28

    Goldfish Liberation Movement (2012~) Goldfish has been selected through human desire-based aesthetic selection for 1,700 years from their ancestral origin of a crucian carp. They cannot swim well, and their coloring is disadvantageous against predators. Therefore, they cannot survive under “natural” environment any longer. The challenge, which brings the goldfish to reacquire their “wildness” by regaining the characteristics of the crucian carp, is the Goldfish Liberation Movement. This biopolitical activity inverting both human aesthetics and flow of time will lead us into old love-hate dramas between human being and the goldfish.   Revital HgS (2013) The mineral was sometimes regarded as a kind of organisms as well as animals and [...]

  • Hideo Iwasaki 2010.09.08

    BIOGRAPHY b1971. Hideo is working in the fields of both biological science and contemporary visual art. He obtained Ph.D. in biological sciences from Nagoya University, and is currently Associate Professor and the Head of Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art at Waseda University in Tokyo (since 2005), and a PRESTO Researcher of Japan Science & Technology Agency (2007-2011). As an artist, he has produced contemporary papercut art in which abstract patterns are combined to be exhibited as three-dimensional installation. Since 2007, he is also working in biomedia art, especially using cyanobacteria and cultured cells. At his lab both fine/media artists and scientists are sharing the benches for biology [...]